Adjustable sensitivity


1, cloud computing to promote video surveillance, along with the recent development of cloud computing, big data, video surveillance business storage and intelligent analysis problems have been resolved, in which the role of technology is very obvious. This is because the video surveillance have been applied in security, transportation, medical, logistics and other fields widely, and the mass of the video image processing, memory and computing platform corresponding, and cloud computing and cloud storage is the realization scheme of data processing. Moreover, the video surveillance system has been closely linked with the Internet of things and cloud technology. The three layers of Internet of things are sensing, monitoring, network and application. In the future, video surveillance is the most important core node of the Internet of things, and the amount of video information is enormous. With the expansion of the global scale and high-definition development, massive transmission and storage needs, more cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud search technology, and large-scale networking applications need to be used. 

2, cloud computing brings new changes in security, cloud computing for security technology development, basically in accordance with analog, digital, networking, and even intelligent road development. As far as the current development orientation is concerned, it is moving from decentralized, non networked technologies to networked, integrated, data centric forms. Therefore, the cloud storage technology in response to this change is still very advantage. Take safe city for example. In the process of construction, the current safe city project has put forward high requirements for monitoring and networking. As a result, many manufacturers have done enough work on DVR, NVR, or NAS and SAN network processing capabilities, and have greatly improved their network work capabilities. In addition, high-definition video after a variety of coding processing, will also have a very large storage needs. This is undoubtedly a very big challenge to the traditional way of storing. While monitoring the emergence of storage cloud, you can break the shackles of traditional storage mode for storage work.