Company Culture

Operation principle

It is the cornerstone of TAIAN culture and high quality. We advocate a comprehensive view of integrity, honesty in the customer, good faith in employees, good faith in the society.

Rigorous: Rigorous is a kind of working attitude, keep careful meticulous of work style, people must be conscientious no matter in what position and what to do.

Pragmatic: Pragmatism is a kind of work style. The staff in TAIAN should keep his feet on the ground.

Quingity policy : Safe and reliable design, meticulous manufacturing, rigorous and effective inspection, efficient and professional services.

Innovation: Innovation is a kind of work thinking, and the pilot should be willing to break through the tradition, subvert the self, and endeavor to explore and practice new ideas, new methods, new paths and new technologies.


Talent Concept

TAIAN respect everyone's knowledge and ability, and pay attention to the training of employees' skills.

TAIAN offer fair compete chance and the environmentstrive to achieve self-worth by means of competitive cooperation. Our talent concept: Virtue is equal to the ability , the work is the first, and the team is the first.


Our vision

Leading security, building the world security famous brand


Enterprise Mission

Leading security and creating safe life


Acting with integritycontinuous innovationaccuracy and truth-seekingpursuit of excellence.

Acting with integrity

1. We are honest with partnersemployees, shareholders, society.

2. We must be people-oriented, integrity is fundamental; to maintain justice, honest and trustworthy.

3. Respect yourself, respect others, respect the objective laws, observe the company system, and become self-reliant.

Continuous innovation

1. Bold hypothesis, careful to prove, brave to try, think carefully

2. We can always have a bold and innovative spirit In the field of product design, research and development and management.

3. To seeking better solutions to achieve better results.

4. Learn from others and improve yourself, and surpass your opponents.

Coexist and win-win

1. Teamwork, interdependence, mutual help, hard work and win-win cooperation

2. Every week has a result, every month has achieved the goal, every year has the harvest, everyone has the development.

3. The results need evaluated, seeking for improvement, and improved

4. Based on facts and data, the result is the standard

Rigorous and practical

1. High standards, high requirements, standardized operation, professional implementation, accurate and efficient.

2. Keep your feet on the ground.

3. Have the passion, have the courage, do not evade nor take off when in a jam.


Our spirit:

Devote to work, team winsinnovate.



To improve our position in the world, constantly surpass, let our brand sold to the whole world, let our company become the most famous security enterprise in the world.